Where us God in the Midst of Pain and Suffering?      WATCH



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Cabin Fever with Mike Yap  WATCH

In this session, we unpack the symptoms of CABIN FEVER -the things that prevent us from moving as men towards Christ.  We encourage you to share this video with a fellow brother-in-Christ or any man in your life that they may be motivated to make the most out of this quarantine season and pursue Biblical manhood.


Women of the Bible:  Mary of Bethany      WATCH

Antidote to Fear:  TRUST  Part 1    Part 2       Part 3      Part 4      Part 5

The acronym T.R.U.S.T. stands for practical steps that we can take to actively live out our faith and trust in God. In this video, Deonna Tan-Chi shares the meaning of the last letter, T – an effective discipline given to us by God to help us overcome our fears and to empower us to be instruments of His grace, love, and mercy to others.


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Parent Tips : Episode 1       WATCH

Being quarantined in your house means spending more time with your children. Join us at PARENT TIPS as Pastor Manny and Lisa Manansala share with you what are the important things your child should be learning and how you as a parent can play a part in this.



How Do We Process What’s Going On?   WATCH

In a special video session, Edric and Joy Mendoza share their perspective on dealing with crisis and processing fears.  As they unpack the concept of true peace, we can ask ourselves: “Do I really trust that God is in control?”




In this time of lockdown, taking care of your body for God’s glory is just as important. Join us tomorrow morning as Coach Louie Burac from CCF Sports‘s Made FIT ministry leads us in a work out to get the day started right. We encourage you to work out with your family too as discussion questions will be shared after the workout!


Groove to the music with the Saints Dance Ministry today as Gino Ong gives a dance tutorial this afternoon.  Gather your family members, clear up some space, and learn the steps to a joyful life!


the word view with Ptr Peter Tan-Chi


How do you respond to insults?  WATCH

When you are insulted by another person or asked to do something inconvenient, what do you do? The world will today will tell you to react but Jesus tells us to respond in love.

How are Christians Different?    WATCH

How are you living your life? Do you live the way most people do? Or are you living the way Jesus has called us to? My friend, the proof of your Christianity is found in the lifestyle that you live.

God is in control : David and God’s Sovereignty     WATCH

Have you ever felt like you have been forgotten or bypassed? My friends, men can forget you. Maybe even family members can forget you, but you can trust that God will never forget you. Trust in His sovereignty and rest on Him.

God Knows What’s Best    WATCH

Are you always worried? Many of us need to learn how to relax and trust God. As you watch this devotion, may you remember three important truths: God loves you, God knows what is best for you, and God is sovereign over circumstances.

The Gift of Trials    WATCH

Did you know that trials can actually be gifts from God? Just like when David faced Goliath, trials are opportunities to see God’s hand at work. His sovereignty, His protection, and victory through Him

Choice Have Consequences    WATCH

We are all free to make our own decisions, but we are not free from the consequences of our decisions. One small compromise today can lead to disastrous consequences down the road, so make your choices wisely.

The Myth of No Time     WATCH

Joy Through Obedience :  Principle 1 Be Obedient    WATCH

It’s Time To Do Your Part    WATCH

Remember last Sunday’s message? To maintain and increase your joy, grow in Christlikeness. To grow means to be willing to change. Tonight, I will talk more about the second principle from my message last Sunday – do your part. Join me at 7:00pm. I encourage you to watch this with your family and have a discussion with them after.

Do Not Grumble    WATCH

How do we expand and maintain our joy? In my message to you last Sunday, I talked about growing in Christlikeness. You see, as we grow in Christlikeness, our joy also grows and sustains itself. The past two days, I have been sharing with you more about the biblical principles from my message. Tonight, I’m going to go deeper into my third principle, do not grumble. My friends, I encourage you to watch this with your family, because I will share discussion questions after. God bless us all.

Pursue Eternal values     WATCH

What a joy it is to be able to be with you again tonight as I go deeper into my message last Sunday. Tonight, I will discuss with you the fourth biblical principle on maintaining your joy – pursue eternal values. I invite you to watch this with your family or dgroup as I will also share discussion questions with you after

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April 5, 2020

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