+1 (562) 266-4777 south@ccfla.org


Elevate is the youth and young professionals ministry of CCF Los Angeles that aims to take individuals to the next LEVEL.   We want every youth/young professional to experience a Life Empowered through Values Excellence and Leadership.

What is our strategy?  We achieve this by intentionally mentoring and empowering the youth in three key areas:

VALUES.  We believe that life transformation is achieved through faith in God and values taught in His Word.  Elevate encourages       students to pursue a life-changing relationship with Jesus resulting to healthy relationship with others.

EXCELLENCE.  We believe that pursuing excellence is essential for students to achieve their full potential.  Elevate inspires students   to live a lifestyle of excellence in every area of their lives. 

LEADERSHIP.  We believe that the transformation of the youth will transform a nation.  Elevate empowers them to reach their full         leadership potential to be catalysts in their campus, nation, and the world.

We meet every Friday at 7:30pm in three different locations: 

Elevate LA North
Encino, CA 91316
Contact: Miko Evaristo
Tel: 669.225.6158

Elevate LA East
Walnut, CA
Contact: TJ Blanco
Tel: 909.815.5251

Elevate LA South
Norwalk, CA 90650
Contact: Jenny Talam
Tel: 909.536.3693


Specially geared towards our younger generation from the ages of 4 to 12 years old.  It is our purpose to teach our kids about God’s great love for us and how Jesus wants us to live our lives.  Our lessons and activities are geared towards teaching our kids the importance of understanding God’s grace in our life and how to live lives that bring glory to God.

Discipleship Groups

We have discipleship groups all over Los Angeles, we encourage you to be part of a small group for encouragement, support and spiritual growth!

Eaglerock, CA
Fridays (8:00 pm)
Tel: 818.645.9315

Fullerton, CA
Friday (7:30pm)
Tel: 714.749.7830

Koreatown, CA
Fridays (7:30 pm)
Tel: 818.421.3884

Rancho Cucamonga
Fridays (7:30 pm)
Tel: 760.553.4614


Lake Elsinore
Tel: 909.687.9007 / 626.378.3209 / 951.902.8703

Long Beach
Friday (7:30 pm)
Tel: 562.303.6303

Thursdays (7:30 pm)
Tel: 909.696.5526

Fridays (7:30 pm)
Tel: 626.399.2832

Fridays (7:30 pm)
Tel: 323.202.5420/ 562.897.2963


Rosemead, CA
Thursday (7:30pm)
Tel: 626.354.5717

Valencia, CA
Friday (7:30pm)
Tel: 213.247.6926

West Covina, CA
Fridays (7:30pm)
Tel: 213.503.1017

Hacienda Heights
Fridays (7:30pm)
Tel: 626.347.8548